Someone super smart once said....

"You can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. You can TEACH a man to fish and he will eat for a life time". 

That's what this site is for... to teach you how to do "adult things" right. Like how to get a rocking credit score, or how to not spend like a drunken sailor.  I've made a lot of mistakes and so has EVERYONE ( I have yet to meet someone who couldn't offer advice that was from their own personal experience bank).

Join me as we uncover and learn from peoples mistakes in the "I wish I would have known" series or just catch up on some amazing tips from the "know-it-alls" ( I say that enviously) and experts . 

The Story

Why Holler For Your Dollar Was Created:

While I have been actively involved in financial literacy education for over 5 years, I branded the program “Holler for Your Dollar” within the last two years. I have been a self-employed mortgage adviser for 9 years, specializing in working with first time home buyers. Witnessing the lack of personal finance and credit knowledge with many of my clients, friends, as well as through my own mistakes, I decided to write a handbook on how to be a responsible adult. This was 5 years ago. While writing this book, I became involved with Junior Achievement, teaching their financial literacy program at high schools across the Lower Mainland. Junior Achievement recognized my ability to connect with teens and deliver the content to them in a way that was engaging and fun.  Shortly thereafter,  they began placing me at the “At-Risk” schools across the Lower Mainland. I easily connected with the “at risk” students and learned that I had the ability to communicate to them in a way that resonated for both them and me.  They don’t like to conform, and neither do I.

After 4 years of teaching Junior Achievement’s content, I decided to write my own program. I turned my passion project into a bootstrapped start-up.

After successfully delivering the Holler for Your Dollar program to high schools and at-risk youth, I have now added programs for young entrepreneurs as well as an employee development sessions for businesses with a younger workforce. 

I plan to publish my Handbook in 2015 and I am also working on some great hands-on financial tools for teens, young adults and entrepreneurs. 

My dream is for every single teenager and young adult, regardless of their economic background, to be provided with the tools and guidance to be able to make educated decisions for their own financial future. 

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