Meeting Bill Maher! One of Holler For Your Dollar's "Big Hairy Audacious Goals" is to be on the Bill Maher show talking about "adulting" and financial literacy education. 

The Story.

Hi! I am Chantel Chapman, the founder of Holler For Your Dollar.

Why Holler For Your Dollar Was Created:

Most memories I have about money are f&*ked so naturally, I went into the field of money at early age. At 21, I decided to become a mortgage broker. I did that for over 10 years, specializing in working with first time home buyers. A kid selling mortgages to kids. Witnessing the lack of personal finance and credit knowledge with many of my clients, friends, as well as through my own mistakes, I decided to write a handbook on how to be a responsible adult. This was 8 years ago. While writing this book, I became involved with Junior Achievement, teaching their financial literacy program at high schools across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Junior Achievement recognized my ability to connect with teens and deliver the content to them in a way that was engaging and fun.  Shortly thereafter,  they began placing me at the “At-Risk” schools across BC. I easily connected with the “at risk” students and learned that I had the ability to communicate to them in a way that resonated for both them and me.  Some of these student do not like to conform, and neither do I.

After 4 years of teaching Junior Achievement’s content, I decided to write my own program. I turned my passion project into a bootstrapped start-up.

After successfully delivering the Holler for Your Dollar program to high schools and at-risk youth, I have now added programs for young entrepreneurs as well as an employee development sessions for businesses with a younger workforce.  

My dream is for every single teenager and young adult, regardless of their economic background, to be provided with the tools and guidance to be able to make educated decisions for their own financial future. 

In addition to the education side of Holler For Your Dollar, I also run a marketing agency predominantly focused on developing companies online and offline presence. We have helped bring success to countless companies with our knowledge and expertise on creating a friendly, digestible voice for the brand.  I am extremely passionate about educating and motivating people to take control of their lives and learn how to manage their futures (financially).  I also teaches individuals how to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and guide them through the process of building their own company and bringing their dreams to fruition

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