Announcement: Chantel Chapman named Mogo's Financial Fitness Coach

When I started Holler For Your Dollar, I didn't really think that I would ever associate myself with a financial institution because TBH, I sort of feel like they can be pretty evil. Banks are notoriously profit driven machines. Decisions are made always with the bottom line as the driver.  I try to lead my life and my business with every step being purpose driven. I do what I do to support the purpose of helping people with their financial health even if that means that my business is not rolling in the benjamins (or Borden's for you Canadians).  

Side note: A large portion of Holler For Your Dollar's times goes towards delivering our education at no cost to numerous not for profit organizations who assist at risk youth such as The Boys Club Network, Covenant House and local high school's. 

All that said, it should be clear that purpose before profit is important to me and is what I look for in any brand partner. I have recently decided to work alongside Mogo as their Financial Fitness Coach to help their customers with their financial fitness health.  In addition to running Holler For Your Dollar's education workshops, I will be acting as brand ambassador and educator for Mogo.

Watch my video interview with Mogo here:

Watch my video interview with Mogo here:

I am excited to be working with Mogo as they are a very forward thinking company in the Fintech space who shares my view that it's about time that people uncreditcard their life. 

Check out the press announcement here: 

PRESS RELEASE: Chantel Chapman Named Mogo's National Financial Fitness Coach

A financial literacy expert who is passionate about educating millennials on personal finances 
joins Canada's fastest-growing digital financial brand to help transform financial services.

VANCOUVER, Oct. 14, 2015 /CNW/ - Mogo (TSX: GO), Canada's financial brand for the next generation of digitally-minded consumers, is pleased to announce Chantel Chapman as its new national Financial Fitness Coach.

An entrepreneur, educator and author, Chantel will be Mogo's media spokesperson for all things financial and millennial, and will co-host the Mogo Presents: Adulting 101 tour events happening in Toronto and across Canada this fall. 

As a Vancouver-based mortgage broker for over a decade, Chantel recognized a need for financial education with many of her first-time homebuyers and began creating custom content to help guide them. After volunteering as a Junior Achievement teacher, she developed a "smart money" program to help young adults make healthy fiscal choices, eventually teaching at-risk youth at charities such as Covenant House and The Boys Club Network through her company Holler For Your Dollar. She has also taught young entrepreneurs about finance through organizations such as The Next Big Thing, a non-profit co-founded by Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite.

"At Mogo we're passionate about enabling Canadians to get into financial health by giving them the right tools to achieve their goals," says David Feller, Mogo CEO. "Chantel shares that same passion but also understands the financial challenges young people face today and is an expert in empowering them with the knowledge they need to make better financial decisions. As our Financial Fitness Coach, she will be an invaluable part of the Mogo team as we accelerate our transformation of financial services in Canada."

Millennials make up close to 37%* of the Canadian workforce and are huge drivers in the success of Uber and Netflix, who've revolutionized their industries with pure digital offerings. Having anticipated the same shift in finance, Mogo is offering simple and convenient solutions combined with financial education that inspires and motivates consumers to stay in control of their spending and budgeting. Chantel will play a key part in this mission, using a fun and relatable approach to financial literacy.

"My passion is to help young people handle their finances wisely from the start," says Chapman. "There's so much conflicting advice out there and very little of it is written with young adults in mind. Canada's traditional financial institutions are underserving and overcharging young adults because they can. We don't teach enough basic financial literacy in schools. Until we do, I have a lot of work ahead of me".

In addition to offering a more convenient digital experience, what really sets Mogo apart in Chapman's view, is that unlike most lenders they offer all consumers an opportunity to lower their cost of debt and also give them the tools to get out of debt faster and onto a better financial path. For example, Mogo pays for its members to see their credit scores (provided by Equifax Canada), and uses gamification techniques to reward customers and motivate them to get out of debt sooner.

"I'm excited to work with Mogo as its Financial Fitness Coach because they're doing things differently," says Chapman. "I don't know of another lender that proactively lowers your interest rate during your loan term like they do with their Level Up program** and gives you a free prepaid Visa card like the MogoCard to help control your spending. It's a revolution in personal finances that needs to happen and one I am excited to be a part of."

Do More, Spend Less with Mogo.


**Mogo Level Up program:

At Mogo (TSX: GO), we are driven by the belief that technology and design can not only transform the way Canadians access financial solutions, but also give them a way to take control of their financial health. Through our online platform, we provide convenience, transparency, a more enjoyable customer experience, and greater value compared with traditional brick-and-mortar financial institutions. Since launching our first online loan product in 2006, Mogo has become the leading online lender in Canada and the only full credit spectrum lender, with over one million loans originated. With our ever-expanding portfolio of innovative and socially responsible financial solutions, including our unique Level Up program, free Mogo Prepaid Visa card, and #MogoPerks program for MogoMembers, we're building a digital financial brand for the next generation of savvy Canadians. To learn more about Mogo—recently referred to as the potential "Uber of banking" by CNBC, Toronto Star and others—visit

Toronto Media Appearances: Chantel is presenting Mogo's Adulting 101 event in Toronto on October 25 and is available for Torontomedia appearances Oct 22/23. 

Hi-res images of Mogo Presents: Adulting 101 events:

Video of Mogo Presents: Adulting 101 event

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Save On Meats Token Program = Fucking Genius.

Yes, I said the F word in my blog title but it is well deserved because the Save On Meats Token Program is reaaalllyy incredible. 

Last week I attended an event about solving homelessness in Vancouver BC. The Streetohome Foundation was one of the panelists discussing some of the issues that Vancouver’s homeless experience. We often make assumptions about why people are homeless and often those assumptions are not educated or even compassionate assumptions. These assumptions are the same reason why you might look the other way when someone on the street is asking for help. My friend Frank Giustra , who was also on the panel at this event, wrote a brilliant article discussing these assumptions that we make. Don’t be an ass. Read his article: Fighting Homelessness: Don't Be the Ass in Assuming

At the dinner after the panel discussions, we were all given 3 Save On Meats tokens. Each token could be cashed in at Save On Meats for a hot meal. We were told to give the token to someone in need or to a Vancouver Police officer who worked in that area so they could hand them out while on duty.

Downtown Eastside restaurant Save On Meats (which is delicious BTW- check out the foodporn on their instagram if you don't believe me) started the token program in 2012. Anyone can purchase tokens at their restaurant or through one of their nonprofit partners who will also hand out the tokens on your behalf.

Since 2012, this program has delivered over 55,000 hot meals to people in need. The tokens can be purchased for $2.25. See…. fucking genius.

I have decided that I am going stock up on tokens so I can hand a few out when I am out and about in the downtown Vancouver area. Not only does it feel so good to give back, it’s also a good way to put your mindless overspending into perspective. I tend to overspend on eating out. It will be 2:30 in the afternoon and I will decide that I need a $12 organic juice with all the extra additives because that 1 teaspoon of MCT oil is going to make all the difference to my health!!  Anyways, if I didn’t get that juice but bought tokens instead, I could feed about 5 people. The emotional ROI on giving vs. mindless overspending on something that I don't care about an hour later is sooo much greater.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 4.51.01 PM.png

So, the next time you're about to spend like an entitled millennial (whether you're a silver spooner or hood rich... or maybe you make good money but let’s face it, it’s expensive AF to live in Vancouver so you're probably still hood rich) think twice and calculate the opportunity cost on those funds. 

Let me prove my point....

1  $12 organic juice   OR   feed 5 people

1  $9 extra hoppy craft beer   OR   feed 4 people

1  $18 award winning mixologist’s custom cocktail   OR   feed 8 people

Who’s ready to try out this with me? Check out the link below to learn where you can pick up tokens.

Good Luck! 

💸  Chantel  💸

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Adulting 101 with Mogo and Vancouver Urban Winery

 Mogo, Canada’s leading socially responsible online lending platform, Vancouver Urban Winery  and Holler For Your Dollar are teaming up for a new addition to the popular—and otherwise sold-out—Sunday School wine knowledge series on Sunday, May 31: 

Adulting 101 x Sunday School's The Price is Wrong

A fun and entertaining wine tasting with a somewhat sober financial twist that will school you on both the complexity of the grape and the simplicity of keeping your finances in order.

What is Adulting? Believe it or not, Adulting is a verb. It’s the act of being an adult at any age. Adulting includes: paying bills on time, being financially responsible, choosing the right bottle of wine to compliment that dreaded meal with your future in-laws and, of course, eating kale and quinoa. 

What will I learn? The question is, what won’t you learn? The Price is Wrong, Sunday School's clever version of the Price is Right gameshow, will have you guessing at wine prices while we teach you the ins and outs of Adulting: insider tips to raising your credit score, smart money management techniques, grape varietals and food pairings, and how to choose a superior bottle of vino without breaking the bank.

What do I win? Cold, hard cash from Mogo.

Co-hosted by sommelier Dave Stansfield and Holler For Your Dollar's very own financial literacy advocate Chantel Chapman , Adulting 101 is the launch of a cross-Canada financial educational series presented by Mogo, the next generation, technology-driven financial brand that offers its members a socially responsible, convenient and innovative range of financial options to help them stay in control of their money and avoid the pitfalls of piling on debt.

By the end of the night (and the flights) you’ll have what you need to be an adult and live by Mogo’s Do More, Spend Less philosophy.

Tickets are $20 but MogoMembers get free access. (Here's a little secret, if you sign up to beocme a member before the event, you will get your cash back at the event!) 

Sign up to become a MogoMember for free here:

Get your tickets to our event on May 31st or Aug 9th online.

Hope to see you there! 


The "money talk" vs. the "sex talk" for teens

Parents, this one's for you. I've always said that the "money talk" is just as important as the "sex talk" for your teens. No doubt, there is a lack of financial literacy education in the school curriculum but you have countless opportunities to teach financial literacy to your children at home. When your kids say things like, "Mom, why can't we go to Hawaii for spring break like my friends?", you can reply with an honest explanation that is educational and helps them understand budgeting in a positive way rather than shutting them down and making money an awkward conversation.

I was just sent a NY Times article by a friend on this subject: "Why You Should Tell Your Children How Much You Make". I had to reshare this as the article is on point. 

Parents, please read and share with your friends! 

Why You Should Tell Your Children How Much You Make