Adulting 101 with Mogo and Vancouver Urban Winery

 Mogo, Canada’s leading socially responsible online lending platform, Vancouver Urban Winery  and Holler For Your Dollar are teaming up for a new addition to the popular—and otherwise sold-out—Sunday School wine knowledge series on Sunday, May 31: 

Adulting 101 x Sunday School's The Price is Wrong

A fun and entertaining wine tasting with a somewhat sober financial twist that will school you on both the complexity of the grape and the simplicity of keeping your finances in order.

What is Adulting? Believe it or not, Adulting is a verb. It’s the act of being an adult at any age. Adulting includes: paying bills on time, being financially responsible, choosing the right bottle of wine to compliment that dreaded meal with your future in-laws and, of course, eating kale and quinoa. 

What will I learn? The question is, what won’t you learn? The Price is Wrong, Sunday School's clever version of the Price is Right gameshow, will have you guessing at wine prices while we teach you the ins and outs of Adulting: insider tips to raising your credit score, smart money management techniques, grape varietals and food pairings, and how to choose a superior bottle of vino without breaking the bank.

What do I win? Cold, hard cash from Mogo.

Co-hosted by sommelier Dave Stansfield and Holler For Your Dollar's very own financial literacy advocate Chantel Chapman , Adulting 101 is the launch of a cross-Canada financial educational series presented by Mogo, the next generation, technology-driven financial brand that offers its members a socially responsible, convenient and innovative range of financial options to help them stay in control of their money and avoid the pitfalls of piling on debt.

By the end of the night (and the flights) you’ll have what you need to be an adult and live by Mogo’s Do More, Spend Less philosophy.

Tickets are $20 but MogoMembers get free access. (Here's a little secret, if you sign up to beocme a member before the event, you will get your cash back at the event!) 

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Get your tickets to our event on May 31st or Aug 9th online.

Hope to see you there!