The Finance 101 Intensive For Entrepreneurs

We are very excited to be speaking at RBC's and Institute B's Finance 101 Intensive!

Check it out....

Finance 101 is a full day of workshops designed to accelerate participating entrepreneurs to new levels of success and financial awareness. Designed for social entrepreneurs who may not have full confidence in their financial acuity, these workshops will challenge, inform, and accelerate!

This 9am –6pm event will be ground-breaking for many attendees. Four 2-hour workshop sessions and a keynote lunch speaker will provide insight from years in the trenches assisting entrepreneurs in raising tens of millions of dollars in capital, overseeing audits and reviews, and coping with all the related financial issues that entrepreneurs face on a day-to-day basis.

RBC’s sponsorship of this event will allow entrepreneurs to attend for only $45 including lunch, handouts, and gifts.

9:00-9:15am    Welcome statement by Sandra Odendahl
9:15-11:00am   Introduction to Financial Concepts by Chantel Chapman
11:15-1:00pm   Deep Dive Accounting Q&A by David Fong
1:15-2:00pm     Lunch Keynote: Responsibility for Financial Awareness by Darrell Kopke
2:15-4:00pm    Accessing the Right Capital by an RBC representative
4:15-6:00pm    Financial Modeling and Valuation – Sam Perera
6:00-8:00pm   Networking

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Thank you Free The Children!

Had such a great time at the Free The Children office yesterday delivering our Credit Education session. Thank you Free The Children! It was a pleasure to be in the company of such inspiring people! 

We love working with companies and non-profits that value their employees happiness and financial peace of mind! If you want to book a session on " 5 Steps to a Rocking Credit Score" for your company, holler at us at  here:

Thank you Covenant House Vancouver!

Thank you for the card Covenant House Vancouver ! I had such a great time delivering the Holler For Your Dollar program at the Covenant House! The attendees were fantastic students! Having the opportunity to teach a wonderful group of young adults like this is why Holler for your Dollar exists.

thank you covenant house vancouver

If you would like to learn more about the Covenant House and how you can help, please go to their website at