Thank you for visiting Free The Children’s office last week! We learned so much and it was such an exciting change to be learning about finances while having fun and laughing!
— Helen- Free The Children

Financial peace of mind contributes to overall happiness. A happy employee = happy customers. 

Holler For Your Dollar offers two employee development education modules. Our education modules are considered to be STEP ONE- (The forgotten step) of financial planning. Our program provides the answers to those "I wish I would have known" scenarios that have gotten so many people into financial trouble. 


Employee Development Sessions Available:

"5 Steps to a Rocking Credit Score" is a 1.5 hour session. We will cover insider tips on how to improve your credit score as well as the "must knows" of understanding credit. We deliver our sessions in a fun and engaging way. We guarantee that everyone will walk out with something that they did not know before attending the session.

"Earn It. Don't Burn It" is a Budget Planning Session. This session is 1.5 hours and we will walk through budgeting best practices and secrets. For the second half of the session, the employees are given budget templates and actually do their budget in the session. We believe that the hardest part of budgeting is sitting down to do it. Our session prioritizes time for this which means, YOU as the employer have given your employee the gift of time to do a budget plan. 

Chantel’s years of experience combined with her no-nonsense, compassionate attitude made for an illuminating and approachable presentation, and her contagious passion inspired me to want to become not just financially literate but empowered.
— Emaleah Shackleton-The Fem Salon-